Wednesday, October 14, 2020




 What a difference 6 years make.

A mixed bag of happy and sad feelings.

Glad that I have many, many happy memories of the past family vacations.
As far back as I can remember we have always done a family vacation.
I can remember an old green, wood side panel station wagon that we would sit in the back, rear facing seat and have the window down.

It was a blessing to have Gradma Bullen and Sue join us as much as they did. Were always part of our family. I hope then knew and felt that way as well.

Every single day I think of Mom and Dad. Good happy memories, but still makes me a lttle sad.

Growing up in Midland and Blanchester.
Playing near the railroad tracks, discovering what there was to find.
Hunting bottles along creek banks and hillsides on St Rt 68.
Climbing and playing on the Tank at the Reserve Depot.

Then there were the vacation to Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Seeing family from Panama City Beach. Walking the mountains or the tourist attractions in Pigeon Forge. To doing nothing but sitting in the sand.

Sad that those we love are only with us a short time and often we don't think to fully appreciate them or devote time to them while they are with us.

Orba Etta Bullen         10/06/1913 02/19/1970
Sue Anne Bullen 07/16/1941 10/16/2007
Chester Arnold Lansing 07/23/1942 04/10/2015
Austin Wyatt Rollins 07/12/2000 03/20/2018
Ruth Etta Lansing         11/17/1945 01/09/2019

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