Thursday, November 19, 2020

Using the good stuff

Was thinking of the barns behind Wilma Stroup's house.
The long narrow barn that is stacked full of lumber and the large Red Metal Barn.

Makes me think of the things we want to do but don't; and hold on to them for some day in the future. That someday may never come. 

Should we continue to store these things? Should we let them go and say that day is not going to come?
Or if they are important enough to hang on to, why are we waiting to use them - un pack the stuff, get it out, use the good china as they say.

If you knew your time was close, what would you do?
What would be your priority?
What good is all the stuff you stored away for someday if that someday never comes.

If it is good enough or important enough to you, find a way to incorporate it into your life!
Get it out of storage and put it on display.
If that can't be done then is the stuff really that important?